Pamela Hart's Technical Requirements for Live Performances

NOTE: As a part of the service, HartBeat Productions (Pamela's LLC), provides audio sound services. Therefore, when you book Pamela, audio sound is included, depending on the request and client provisions.  HartBeat Productions provides all sound, production management, and agency services for small, medium, and large music events.

Here are Pamela Hart's Basic Requirements for a live performance on stage.  These requirements can be used in small, medium, and large size concert halls, event centers, large clubs, ball/banquet rooms, and many other venue formats. Smaller venue formats (club, residence, office, small event room, etc.) will not require many of the specifications listed below.

Most of the specifications are negotiable and interchangeable. 
The band size may be reduced to a quintet, quartet, trio, duo, or a capella to meet client requirements.
- Stage Size = 16 x 12 minimum (negotiable)

- High quality 24-channel mixing console
- EQ Rack with reverb on both main and monitor mixes
- Monitor mixes depending on size of band (4 mixes are optimum)
- Floor monitors depending on size of band (7 wedges are optimum)

Backline: If backline is supplied by requestor:
- 5-piece drum kit with 18" or 20" kick
- Bass amplifier
- Guitar amplifier
- Grand piano or Keyboard with amplifier

- Two dressing rooms minimum: (1) accommodate for two females, and (2) accommodate 5 males
- Hotel accommodations for 6 rooms, non-smoking in a 3 to 5 star rating hotel..
- Provide air or ground transportation to venues exceeding a 200 mile radius from Austin, TX, USA.
- Provide ground transportation to/from airport, train, or bus stations
- Provide ground transportation to/from performance venues and hotel.
Most of the specifications are negotiable and interchangeable.
To get feel for Pamela's vocal and instrumental live delivery, listen to the audio or video samples:

6-Piece Smooth & R&B Band Stage Plot

No. INPUT Type  Request
1 Kick MIC - Kick  
2 Sanre top MIC - Clip-on or Shure SM57  
3 Hi Hat MIC - Condenser or SM57  
4 Rack Tom 1 MIC - clip-on or Shure SM57  
5 Rack tom 2 MIC - clip-on or Shure SM57  
6 Floor Tom 1 MIC - clip-on or Shure SM57  
7 Floor Tom 2 MIC - clip-on or Shure SM57  
8 SR Overhead MIC - Condenser  
10 Congas - Percussion MIC - Shure SM57  
11 Bass Guitar (acoustic) MIC - clip-on  
12 Bass Guitar (electric) DI Box  
13 Electric Guitar MIC - SM57  
14 Pianoi Pickup high MIC - flat piano or Shure SM58  
15 Piano pickup hole low MIC - flat piano or Shure SM58  
16 Keyboard left DI Box  
17 Keyboard right DI Box  
18 Tenor Saxophone Line XLR or Shure SM58  
19 Soprano Saxophone Line XLR or shure SM58  
20 Lead Vocals MIC - Shure Beta 87 or Beta 58  
21 Drummer Vocals MIC - Shure SM58  
22 Keyboard Vocals MIC - Shure SM58  
23 MC Talk MIC - Shure Cordless or SM58  
24 Engineer Talkback MIC Shure SM58  
25 CD / mp3 Left    
26 CD / Mp3 Right    
Monitor Mix =6 Number of Monitors = 6 Mix includes
Mix #1 All Vocals Mixes 1,2,3,5
Mx #2 Keyboard Mixes 2,3,4,5
Mix #3 Guitar Mixes 2,3,4,5
Mix #4 Horns Mixes 2,4,5
Mix #5 Bass Mixes 2,5,6
Mix #6 Drums & Percussion Mixes 2,5,6